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I haven't been playing quite so much Battle for Azeroth as I expected I would; my paultry reputation gains shown above will show that. When I decided to switch to my paladin, I levelled her by focusing on the main storyline quests in each zone, and she hit 120 shortly before unlocking Kul Tourist. Unfortunately, that left her a bit behind on reputation, and with a seemingly never-ending supply of side-quests dotted all over the map. I've been completing them here-and-there as I wander about doing world quests, but there's still a lot left over. 

I ran through the alliance quests up in the Arathi Highlands warfront, which rewarded me a pair of 7th Legionnaire's Armguards, and then did the week's world boss, Warbringer Yenajz, who kindly dropped a Band of Intense Gravitation, so my gear's not doing bad considering I haven't done much at all this week. I really need to get my UI and keybinds sorted out for paladin healing and then hit some heroics.

That's about it. Battle for Azeroth really is more-of-the-same compared to Legion. I'm enjoying it; I'm logging in 3+ nights a week, but it's not super-exciting. And that's okay. It's a fun little source of gaming to-do lists, and that's all I ask of an MMO.