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A blagust wrap-up, of sorts

So, blaugust is over, and it's been a fantastic experience. This blog wouldn't exist without it, and I'm incredibly proud of how far it's come from just a handful of plain text files and one simple PHP script. It's pretty fully-featured now; there's not much I want to add. I didn't write as many posts as I wanted, but I did enough to make me happy, and the more importantly, participating the Discord community has been wonderful. I sort of waiting for a wrap-up post from Bel, and then I suppose we'll use the results of that to hand out prizes.

I think Blaugust is an incredible initiative and it's important that something like it exists for the blogging community. I miss the old internet; I miss personal websites and weird fansites, and I dislike the endless homogenisation of user-generated content in the walled gardens of social media. Anything that encourages people to put their content online in their own spaces is a good thing in my eyes, and so I congratulate Bel for running this event.

In gaming news, I decided to shelve my druid and worked this weekend on levelling my paladin, hitting 120 on Sunday afternoon. I know I've set myself back by a couple of weeks by re-rolling now, but I'll soon catch up. I blitzed through a bunch of world quests, getting her item level up to 295, and I'll run island expeditions tonight to give her Heart of Azeroth a boost tonight. And playing retribution vs. balance is like night and day; even in worse gear I seem to be able to handle bigger pulls and complete objectives quicker. 

For other games, I still haven't really settled on anything. I played a litttle Q3A, some GTA5, and a tiny amount of Kingdoms of Amalur. I even bought an XBox One controller to use with my PC, which works flawlessly -- it's nice having the Xbox and Windows 10 share hardware without any effort needed.