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Ding 120, now start again

It's now day 30 of Blaugust, so the end is very much in sight. I haven't posted every day, far from it; my posting was roughly daily up until the 17th, and then I disappeared. Oh well, I'm not going to beat myself up about it; I disappeared because I got totally sucked into Battle for Azeroth, and I enjoyed every minute. I played a little in the evenings since launch, and then spent the first weekend just completely immersed. I finished up all the Kul'Tiras zones, hit 120, did a lot of profession work, ran Island Expeditions... and then decided to reroll.

I spent a lot of time debating on switching away from my druid main, and then ultimately didn't. And the moment I hit 120 and started the old familiar (but perfectly pleasant) cycle of daily quests and dungeons I felt an incredible sense of buyer's remorse. So rather than dwell on that and power through, I decided to start levelling my paladin. She's only 114 at the moment, and I've barely started on her professions, but I'm feeling much happier to have made the descision. Plus, I'm only a casual player and the Artifact Knowledge catchup system will kick in, so I'm not really going to be behind any curve I care about. I'll unlock Dark Iron Dwarves a little later, but so what?

The process of levelling to 120 and unlocking all the things was largely an enjoyable one. I like all the Alliance-side dungeons -- I haven't run all of the ones that unlock at 120 yet. All three zones on Kul'Tiras have their charms, though I have to say Stormsong Valley is my least favourite, despite the excellent old-sea-god cultists vibe that I really love. 

I'm also on the hunt for another game to play "on the side". All Warcarft makes gaming life dull, so I've been trying out a few things; namely Kingdoms of Amalur and Phantom Doctrine. I've also been noodling around with some coding towards making an idle clicker game, a genre which I've always loved and wanted a go at making.