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Starting out in Tiragarde Sound

It's been a few days since I sat down and wrote a blog post; my dreams of a Rainbow Diamond blaugust award are slipping through my fingers... But I will persevere. That's not to say I haven't done anything on the blog. There's a new header, and a much less distracting background, and I've added OpenGraph support and refactored how the page header is rendered. Minor changes, but nice to have, and I think the blog is better off for them.

Battle for Azeroth launched; did you notice? I headed off into Kul'Tiras with The Rogue and we've been working our way through Tiragarde Sound. We've only played a little in the evenings, so we're only 112, but this weekend I'm planning a big push, complete with lashings of rum, snacks, and a terribly abused sleeping schedule. So far though, I'm really impressed. The quests are fun (apart from Show Me What You've Got, which is terrible, and whoever implemented it should feel bad), the environments look gorgeous, I got this awesome tricorn hat, and Boralus is rapidly becoming one of my favourite cities. I've spent a fair chunk of time just fishing, cooking, and working on my professions (herbalism and inscription). I'm definitely taking BfA launch at a much more relaxed pace than I did Legion, and I'm enjoying it much more for it. 

In fact, I went and looked at my guild's roster yesterday and there's only five characters that are above level 110, the highest is at 117. I can't help but feel that's a little sad -- not that we don't have any 120s yet, but that so few players have made a start on the journey to 120 at all. I don't want to regret my decision to stay Alliance and stay in this guild, as it means a lot to me.