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Farewell to Legion

Battle for Azeroth launched last night to the usual authentication issues, servers on fire, broken quests and god knows what else. Not for me though; I was tucked up in bed in blissful sleep. The launch was at 11pm in the UK, and I thought about waiting until then and running the opening questline to collect my Heart of Azeroth, but thought better of it. Looks like I made the right decision; the realm status page now shows everything green, so I'm hoping to log in and have everything run smoothly tonight.

So even though Legion is not technically gone and I'm a little late to this party, I'm going to use today's post to complete Z and Cinder's 36th blog challenege topic, Farewell to Legion.

Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion?

1. Becoming an archdruid and hanging out with the Cenarion Circle

The opening to Legion was fantastic for me. I love the druid class fantasy. As I levelled up, I took time out to unlock the Guardian of Cenarius title which I still display now. Unlocking the Dreamgrove, then fetching G'Hanir, then immediately setting out to meet Malfurion in Val'sharah to do Important Druid Business made my first few hours in Legion feel incredibly epic and tailored exactly for my character. Honestly, it felt quite emotional and like it was specifically written for my character. The Dreamgrove itself is a fantastic zone, still my favourite of all the Order Halls, and I'll be sad that I don't get to visit it more often now.

2. Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One and Two

Not the achievements specifically, or the need to unlock flying -- a sometimes contentious design choice, but one I support -- but rather my approach to them and a little shift in attitude which occurred for me during Legion. Namely, I started doing everything. I fully explored every zone, sought out every treasure and rare, and felt like nothing was off-limits to me.

Look, I'm a casual player. But before Legion I used that as an excuse. I would look at achievements with long metas and think, "that's not for me". I wouldn't bother hunting rares, and masses of hidden treasures just made me feel exasperated. I don't know what it was, but in Legion it was like a switch flipped and suddenly I wanted everything done. I meticulously completed all the content in a zone before moving onto the next, and it made unlocking the pathfinder achievements and ultimately flying a fairly painless experience for me; plus, I got to experience so much content that I probably would have passed over before. I'm definitely going to be taking a "loremaster" style approach to levelling in BfA, too.

Similar to the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievements, getting the Argus meta achievement was a great moment for me. It's exactly the kind of thing that previously I wouldn't have even tried to unlock (and then feel bad about it). Instead I buckled down and killed a whole legion of demons, then took out all of their leaders for good measure. I actually really enjoyed Argus, both the storyline and the various rares and achievement scattered around.

3. Artifact weapons

Bit of a controversial pick this one, I think. I liked the AP grind. I like grind in games in general, honestly. But more than that, the artefacts themselves are really cool. Getting G'Hanir and the Scythe of Elune were really epic moments for me, and it felt right for my druid to be carrying those around with him. Getting the Guardian of G'Hanir title to go along with the artefact was a nice touch; as was having Archdruid Glaidalis in Darkheart Thicket comment on your artifact. That said, I'm looking forward to getting some weapons throughout BfA; transmog is the real endgame, right?


Part 2 – What are you most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth?

1. Jaina and the Kul'Tiras

I'm really looking forward to seeing the story unfold in BfA; Jaina is a badass, and I really, really want to switch my worgen druid to a Kul'Tirian human, I think they look fantastic. All of the creepy woodland witchcraft stuff is right up my street, so I'm very happy. I can't wait to get started!

2. Island Expeditions

I've read some guides on the Island Expeditions and think they sound great; spammable and randomised is a great combination if you ask me -- I'm always happy to see a little of Diablo 3's design philosophy sneak it's way into Warcraft. My only disappointment is that it seems you can only queue into them in PvP mode if you're in a pre-made group. I don't have a pre-made PvP group handy, so I doubt I'll be doing much of that.

3. New goals: professions, gold, PvP

I'm making some plans for BfA, to work on my goblin-finances, to do more PvP, to keep up with my professions and not have to catch them all up at the last minute. I'm excited for all of them, and for the weekly reset cycle to start up again. I like the daily > weekly > monthly cycle of content that a good MMO provides. I've been in a bit of a lull since Argus (which I filled by playing an ever-growing roster of alts), so I'm just enthused to get back into new content.