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PvP update

On Saturday I did nine PvP battles on my druid, playing as restoration. I wanted to collect data (and transmog!) to try and see if the long-standing rumors that the Alliance are terrible at random battlegrounds actually have any merit; and if I'm truly honest, I was hoping to prove them wrong.

We lost the first four matches, and then went on to lose six of the nine games I played. Maybe it's just me dragging the side down, but I don't think so. I'm a good healer, I defended objectives, I provided support where useful fights were happening and tried not to get drawn into the morass of "fighting in the middle", because that doesn't win matches. It might be satisfying to have a big brawl, but it doesn't secure victories. 

So after the weekend, my overall Alliance PvP stats sit at a 0.3 win-ratio for the BfA pre-season period, which ain't great. That needs to climb to at least 0.4 before I can start thinking these losses aren't statistically unusual; anything lower than that does suggest a Horde superiority. It's a little demoralising to queue in over and over and get beaten (almost) every time. When we won, we won well and usually right from the offset; it was particularly noticeable in a Temple of Kotmogu match where we dominated the scoreboard consistently throughout the match. Maybe it's not a coincidence that that is one of my favourite maps to play. 

I'm not doing a whole lot to compensate for various other variables, like time of day or type of queue. I'm just hitting the queues for random battlegrounds and the current brawl, and playing whatever pops first. While this might not result in the most accurate figures for the Alliance as a whole, it does more accurately reflect the way I'm personally playing, with PvP filling a time gap between doing other things. I'm not even sure that the results would change anything about how I play; I'm not invested enough in PvP to switch factions purely for a better win-ratio, and I'm not banking on PvP to provide me with any useful gear.