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Battle for Lordaeron

Warning, slight spoilers ahead! In fact, this entire blog is probably full of spoilers for World of Warcraft content. If you haven't played through the Battle for Lordaeron scenario yet and want to avoid spoiling it, you might want to skip this post.

Last night I logged onto Scruff, my worgen druid, and reported to Mathias Shaw immediately. Anduin may be a complete wet blanket, but he's still the leader of the Alliance, and when the Alliance goes to war, Scruff answers the call. Especially because Genn Graymane would be in attendance; as a proud Gilnean, he's Scruff's true king. 

Wow, that was a brilliant scenario, and peppered with fantastic cut scenes. And it finally gave me, as an Alliance player, something to be excited about for the future. Sure, the ending wasn't exactly what the Alliance was aiming for, but we still made some progress, more than we've managed for a while. Allies have rallied, and Jaina arrives in style and fury. Best of all, Saurfang, a great hero and symbol of honor and hope for the Horde, is now sharing a bunk with Hogger in the Stormwind Stockades. And yes; Lordaeron is now scorched earth, destroyed by Blight. That's less good, but look at this way -- the Alliance didn't lose anything (this week), and the Horde sacrificed a city.

While it was great fun, and firmly cemented my desire to continue playing for the Alliance, it did highlight the inherant issues with storytelling in a setting where your playerbase is split between the two factions. Neither side is allowed a true victory; one city is swapped for another; Slyvanas escapes with her life; no matter what happens, the balance will be maintained. Honestly, the best time to do away with the faction divides would have been during Legion, as that would have fitted very nicely into the theme of the expansion. I can't see it happening now. 

So instead, let's double down on some faction pride. I'm shelving my Horde alts for the forseeable future, and I've pretty much decided on the characters I'll be taking into Battle for Azeroth first.  

For Gilneas! For the Alliance!