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Here's a picture of a moonkin

This is Scruff, my worgen druid, who has served as my main since the events of Mists of Pandaria. As you can see, he spends some of his time as a moonkin, but I mainly enjoy playing him as restoration, and since patch 8.0, I've been dabbling with feral, too. 

Last night I teamed him up with the Rogue, who wanted a run through the Cathedral of Eternal Night. so I threw on my new Darkshore WQ staff and queued up as a healer. It's been a while since I did any healing on him, and patch 8.0 has brought some changes, and the group was a little unsure of themselves -- but we crushed the run in the end. Afterward, the Rogue and I headed out to Argus and and did some world quests together and I remembered why I love my druid so much again. 

Aside: I've spent weeks agonising over picking a new main, and of course -- and I've said this all along -- I'm going to end up continuing to play Scruff, aren't I? He's got all the professions levelled, and all those nice Exhalted Legion reputations, and and and...

Tonight the last part of the War of Thorns should unlock on the US servers, so I'll be back on the druid and paying Lordaeron a visit. I'm really hoping this gives me, as an Alliance player, something to get excited about. The Horde have had such a lot of drama over the last few weeks, and the Old Solider cinematic was fantastic. By contrast King Anduin continues to be an ineffectual drip and Tyrande / Malfurion have always, always been supremely dull. Honestly, I really hoped Malfurion would finally meet his end last week. If the tree had been saved and the elf killed I would have been much happier with that outcome, but alas.