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So it's Sunday, Blaugust day five, and somehow I'm one post behind -- didn't manage to hit publish yesterday. Honestly, I think a Monday - Friday schedule would suit me better, but I'd really like to hit 31 posts over August nonetheless. Let's just see how that goes. 

I didn't get any gaming done yesterday, so there wasn't much to write about. But this morning I finished the class mount quest for my undead hunter, unlocking the Trust of a Loyal Wolfhawk. Really quite like this one; the animations and design are cool, and the quest during Odyn's Night of the Wilds hunt was fun (and not overly-long). 

While I'm still frustratingly incapable of picking a new main for BfA, I have to say I really enjoyed playing Survival hunter; it's been nicely refined after it's Legion revamp into a melee spec. The talent tree offers some interesting choices; Wildfire Bomb with the Wildfire Infusion talent adds some interesting RNG (but not too much) and offers a little niche to let some clever planning shine through. I'm definitely suffering some thinking whichever alt I've played most recently is the most fun, but Survival hunter seems a) really easy and b) plenty of fun. 

I have managed to narrow down the list a little, though. The current favourites:

  • Paladin. Probably a shoe-in for playing in my alliance static group.
  • Warrior. I have a horde orc warrior and that aesthetic is so hot right now. Fury is hilariously fun.
  • Death Night. Frost feels powerful, Blood seems to survive anything, transmog game is awesome.
  • Hunter. Seems strong for running solo, I like collecting pets, Survival is "new" and interesting.

Time is rapidly running out. My AH alts are rapidly running fire sales (up to just over 45k earned from selling off junk so far), bags and questlogs are emptying, Darnassus is burning (ha). I guess I'll run a bunch through the assault on Undercity next week and then... Exasperated sigh. Why do I insist on sucking all the fun out of this?