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You loot a [barely readable diary]...


When I set this blog up last month, I really intended it to be a World of Warcraft blog, perhaps with the occasional post on other games that I'm playing. I think that occasion might be upon us. I've been working my way through the Darkshore world quests every day on a variety of alts, but they're all geared up now and I haven't the patience to re-do quests just in case the reward titanforges. So, I'm on the lookout for another game to play, just to fill in this content lull lull for the next few weeks.

No Man's Sky just released their latest content patch, "Next", last week and I really enjoyed that at launch, so that's an option. Plus, I've been considering Conan Exiles, and Path of Exile, so I have options. The problem is, of course, I don't want any of these options. I want to get into Battle for Azeroth, but perhaps something else to cleanse the palette before then would do me good.