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The Burning of Teldrassil

Whenever I play RPGs with any moral choices given to the player, I inevitably end up being "good". I often think I'll go back and replay as an "evil" character, but I never do. Why is that, I wonder? Certainly lots of games don't reward good and evil playstyles equally, and that's a factor. But it's not something that's an issue with World of Warcraft...

Even though I've been playing since the early days of Vanilla, it's only really been since Mists of Pandaria that I've started reading and caring about the storylines. Before then I would blindly hit accept on quests and give little thought to what I was actually doing, or why. When I joined my Alliance guild, Waypoint, suddenly the idea of my characters having a backstory and some "head canon" became an attractive idea, and they started to become more than my faceless avatar in the game.

My relative newness to the lore and machinations of Azeroth is why I'm less bothered by the twisting storyline unfolding through the pre-expansion War of Thorns content. I can understand why some life-long Horde players are dismayed at being forced along with Sylvana's new-look all-evil Horde. She doesn't care about the Horde. She cares about her people, her legacy of taming undeath, and having others suffer as she suffers. But I the player? I don't care. Let her be evil. And if I'm going to play Horde at all, wouldn't it be better to leap right in there alongside her?

I have three Horde alts: a blood elf death knight, an orc warrior, and an undead hunter. Any one of those could work, but it's the death knight I enjoy the most, and the banshee queen could use a devoted knight; an elf and cursed by undeath both, someone who understands her situation. A new transmog with the Undercity tabard at its core, a little bit of head canon ret-conning to ignore her death knight starter zone beginning to frame her as Forsaken rather than a Knight of the Ebon Blade, and she's good to go.

I ran through the burning of Teldrassil last night. It was painful playing the Alliance version. I couldn't rescue everyone I wanted; hundreds of innocents died; Anduin had only cheap platitudes to offer from his cosy throne room. Playing it again as the Horde death knight was in some ways better, marginally. I'd already set in my mind that she was a fiercely loyal, cold-blooded killer; and then Saurfang showed some decorum as a nice foil to Sylvana's frothing hated. If nothing else, this storyline has got people fired up about the story and lore of Warcraft in a way that hasn't been seen in a good long while. Not everyone agrees with how things have been handled, naturally. I'm more excited than ever to get into the meat of BfA. I'm glad we're getting back to faction warfare -- but that's a post for another day.