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Blaugust Reborn begins!

It's August first; welcome to Blaugust Reborn! Let's burn it down.

My goal is simple: make a blog post every day throughout August, work on the software that runs this blog, hang out in the Discord, and enjoy the great community that's rallying around the Blaugust banner.

I have a few posts outlined for the future, but no real plan. I didn't have the courage to sign up as a mentor, but I successfully completed Blaugust a few years ago on a now-defunct blog, so I'm not going into this blind. I felt without a long-standing blog and no continuity I didn't really have the right to the mentor title; nevertheless I have been blogging off-and-on for years now. I know there'll be a few days when inspiration is thin, but I also know it's possible to battle through those.

Fame! Fortune! Fabulous prizes!

As an added little incentive to the Blaugustians, I'm offering a pair of prizes that Belghast posted about here:

  • $30 USD / £20 GBP via Steam or Amazon to a randomly-picked new blogger
  • $30 USD / £20 GBP via Steam or Amazon to a Rainbow Diamond award winner

Over the years I've won a few prizes by taking part in blogging initiatives, or IntPiPoMo, so I thought it would be nice to pay some of that back. And there's a brilliant community building already in the Blaugust Discord, so I know whoever gets picked out the hat the prizes will be going to someone cool :)

"Life is pain, hope fails"

The second Warbringers cinematic, Sylvanas dropped yesterday, along with the second part of the War of Thorns pre-expansion quest content and the internet peanut gallery is as aflame as Teldrassil itself. I haven't had chance to play through the quests yet, but the cinematic is incredibly well done. Except, perhaps, the overarching writing. I'm holding back on judgement; we're in the pre-patch, and I'm not so quick to complain about a storyline that's barely started yet.

I'm a life-long Alliance player, but I've been considering switching to the Horde for BfA and I'm both intrigued and bemused by Blizzard's seemingly clumsy dropping of "the Horde are morally grey" in favour of going on all on the Horde as aggressors with, well, pretty evil actions.

Some people have been saying Sylvanas was baited into burning down the tree by Summermoon, and that represents an emotional and irrational change of mind by an otherwise calculating and pragmatic woman. I don't think that's the case -- and I realise I'm in the minority here. There's a beat just before she orders the tree burnt where she looks aside and I think that's her taking just a moment to realise Summermoon is right; that the Kaldorei have strength and hope that merely occupying Teldrassil couldn't overcome. She needs a bigger gesture. 

But we'll see how all this plays out. I haven't decided who to main in BfA just yet, but as I run all my various alts through the Darkshore world quests, I am increasingly drawn to my blood elf death knight and the cruel but firm leadership of Sylvanas' barked orders. The Alliance-equivalent quest are all reactionary; the Horde are doing this, go stop them or the Horde have attacked so-and-so, help them. The Banshee Queen's Horde may be evil, but they're getting stuff done. Maybe it would be nice to play the villain for a change...