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Always the pride of our nation's eyes

Blizzard just dropped the first of three animated shorts, Warbringers: Jaina and I have to say I'm both impressed and totally hyped for Kul'tiras and kicking some ass with Jaina. Which I suppose means I'm going to be playing an Alliance character (oh) and that means... probably my druid (big suprise).

Here's the thing. I'm not a roleplayer, I don't play on a roleplay server, and my guild, %lt;Waypoint> is Totally Not an RP Guild. But I do have little bits of headcannon for most of my characters, especially my druid. He started out as a female night elf, but quickly got switched to a Worgen, and that's where his story truly began. He fought long and hard for the Alliance during the Pandarian campaign, and then, disgusted at Varian's unwillingness to deal a crushing final blow to the Horde and claim Orgrimmar, he retired from active duty. As I finished the Siege of Orgrimmar and let my subscription lapse for the entirety of Warlords of Draenor, I posted a little bit of fan-fiction that left my druid alone and somewhat despondant, trying to coax some life into the plague-blasted land of his home, in a tiny corner of Gilneas. It was a little maudlin, but it suited the mood at the time.

Fast-forward to Legion and I brought the character out of retirement, but not the man. I race-changed him back to a night elf woman, became the Archdruid, wielded G'Hanir, the Mother tree and the Scythe of Elune with pride, and defeated the Burning Legion. But I'm not sure what happened to the worgen I left back in Gilneas. Maybe he's still there.

Then something occured to me the other day. When you wield the Scythe of Elune, you can use the ability Light of Elune, which cures a feral worgen of their curse. Surely, with a bit of mental ret-conning, my own worgen druid, who would have become an Archdruid in his own right, who would have served alongside Cenarius and Malfurion, could use the power of the scythe to cure his own curse? He's always been deeply troubled by his worgen dual-nature. And I've always wanted to play a human druid... like a Kul'Tiran, for example. I'm sure you can see where this is going; the self-made plotline is unfolding before me. I race-change back to Worgen. With the final glimmer of energy in the Scythe, he attempts to cure his own curse, which fades but does not completely come under his control until... I unlock the Kul'Tiras allied race and race-change him over. He'd still be Gilnean in fiction; still be the same dour grumpy ass who's fiercly loyal to Graymane and Gilneas first, the Alliance second, but he'd have the fantastic physique of the Kul'Tiran people.

And of course, he'd be back in the fray, fighting in the cursed woods of Drustvar. Ancient forest druidism always seemed a better fit for him than enchanted woodland groves of the night elven tradition; Gilnean druids are decendants of the old way of harvest-witches. I think this is my answer.

Header image is from a cosplay by Narga-Lifestream, photography by Sai.