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The obligatory BfA to-do list

Chestnut got her pre-BfA checklist post up so I thought it was about time I got my equivalent done. My first Blaugust community inspired post, and it's still July!

The big problem is I haven't yet decided who to main in BfA. I much prefer having a single character to focus on (at least until there's a content lull), and recently that has been my druid. I really want a change, though. So making that decision is the first item on the list:

  • Pick a character to main, Alliance or Horde. For the first time, I am faction-ambivalent.

I've got everything out of Legion that I wanted, so I dont have extra characters to level, reputations or achievements left to chase, so once my main is decided, I can work on my specific check-list:

  • Unlock their class mount. I've done this for all my alts except warlock and hunter (and realistically I'm not going to pick either of those) (probably)
  • Gear catch-up: the new world quests in Darkshore will help. Make sure they have up-to-date relics in all of their weapons.
  • Collect enough Wakening Essence to have two suitable legendaries equipped -- Legion legendaries remain active until level 115.
  • Pick professions if they don't have any -- some of my alts are either neglected or have switched professions so often I'm not 100% sure any more who has what
  • Unlock the Underlight Angler and the Surface Tension trait. Already done on the druid, but I love MMO fishing, so any new main will need it too.
  • Bags and bank clear, anything worth selling forwarded to the auction alt. Time is money, friend!
  • Questlog emptied of cruft.
  • Pick out a couple of great transmogs, possibly by back-farming some old raid content. Looking good is important.

I'm really looking forward to playing the new scenarios and world quests coming with the upcoming weekly reset, I just need to decide who to tackle them with. I'll do them all on my druid, just because that's my Legion main, but I'll want whoever is being groomed for BfA main status to go through them all, too. The current leaders of the pack are mage (nostalgic feels and pew-pew), death knight (frost is very fun), paladin (I enjoy healing and having a tank-spec for world questing) and monk (ditto, really).

Maybe I should just pick a name out of a hat if it gets too late...