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Highlord's Charger

Over the last few days I got my much-neglected paladin up to level 110 and completed both the order hall campaign and the Broken Shore questline to unlock her class mount, the Highlord's Charger. Truth be told, I think it's one of the weakest class mounts, aesthetically, but I'm using acquiring the class mount as my milestone for calling an alt "finished" for Legion.

With this mount added to the collection, that means I now have class mounts unlocked for druid, demon hunter, warrior, monk, mage and now paladin -- that's a lot of alts for someone who traditionally doesn't play a lot of alts. I also have a warlock sitting at level 107, and she'll probably get hers next.

I didn't think much of the paladin order hall campaign -- druid and death knight are still my favourites -- but the mount questline was a ended with a solid nostalgic trip back to Stratholme and had some nice callbacks to the Vanilla-era class mount questline. And what was more surprising -- to me at least -- was how much I enjoyed playing all three specs of paladin. Suddenly, she's gone from my least-played alt to a genuine contender for being my Battle for Azeroth main.

I've been a druid main since Mists of Pandaria, with almost no time devoted to alts at all. My druid has the best gear, all the reputation, all the achievements. But I'm getting a bit tired of druid-ing, and I'm fairly determined to have a new main for BfA. So I've been levelling (or level-boosting) a roster of alts, giving them a spin, and seeing what I like best. I'll try them all again -- or the shortlist, at least -- once the pre-patch arrives next week, before making a decision. So far, paladin, death knight and monk are my top choices. And of course, there's always the possibility that I'll end up back with my druidic old faithful.