I decided to try a new layout, that uses more of the browser real estate, and which deforms a bit better on mobile devices. Eventually, I came up with this, which I’m reasonably happy with:

The log at the bottom scrolls nicely, we’ve got some nice new health and magic status bars, and the PETSCII art is shown off better without the text displayed over the top of it.

I was worried that without the PETSCII rounded boxes and the traditional Commodore 64 display of 40×25 characters it wouldn’t look quite so “old school” any more, but the font and colour palette are still doing a lot of heavy lifting. Plus, the mechanics are distinctly old school. At this point, everything I’ve implemented is almost exactly B/X. The biggest change is the use of MP instead of Vancian magic, but the amount of MP spellcasters get vs. spell costs means they can cast a similar number of spells before needing a rest.

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