Old school != Rules Light

I’ve often seen it lamented in various quarters that the old school renaissance is simply recapitulating the early history of the hobby […]  Why mar the pristine simplicity of OD&D? This is a question I’m often asked in comments and in emails. I think it’s a fair question, but I think it’s often based on a false premise, namely that “old school” equates with “rules light.”  […]   

In recent years, OD&D has been accepted as a “do it yourself” RPG and some gamers, both young and old, have embraced it for that very reason. If I had to pick a single thing the old school renaissance has achieved over the last few years that’s likely to have a lasting impact on the hobby, it’s the recasting of OD&D as a “toolbox” game rather than as the hastily written, poorly edited “rough draft” to a later, “better” version of the game.

GROGNARDIA: Old School != Rules Light

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