Starting over

Battle for Azeroth has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. Launch and levelling was a blast; I tore through the bulk of the levelling content in one frenzied weekend, then dove into the familiar daily cycle of emissary world quests, professions, and warfronts. And then, somewhere around having 4/6 reputations to revered, I ran out of steam. The world quests grew stale, the Azerite system didn’t grab me, and I grew tired of playing my trusty Worgen druid. I drifted away.

But it’s the 15th anniversary coming up, season 3 has begun and I’ve been a World of Warcraft player since vanilla, so I’m never away for too long. This weekend, I rolled a Highmountain Tauren shaman and took a wander through the Ghostlands. I’m not sure I intend to keep playing them all the way to the endgame, but it was nice as a gentle little reintroduction to the game.

What I’m actually seriously considering is grabbing of my other 110 characters and starting BfA over; probably also switching from Alliance and Horde for a bit of a change. I know I could unlock Pathfinder etc. quicker if I went back to my druid main, but I’m just so burnt out on that character. I need a big reset.

At the end of Legion I spent a bunch of time unlocking class mounts on a range of alts; as such I have a small roster of 110 characters ready to go: paladin, mage, warlock, monk, hunter, death knight, warrior. So there’s plenty to choose from. I think death knight is winning so far. I know Sylvanas is likely to end up deposed (or dead) by the end of the BfA story line, but it would be fun to champion her apologetically until then.

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