Hello world!

I haven’t blogged in a while, and I miss it. I haven’t been playing many games, either, and I miss that, too. So I’ve decided to tackle both of those issues by dusting off this domain name and starting something up.

Seeing as though I haven’t managed to do any gaming of any substance recently, I thought I’d try a different approach and try playing some mobile games as my “main” source of games entertainment. After some casting about, I settled on Fire Emblem Heroes to begin with. There’s gacha and microtransactions (two things that don’t actually bother me all that much), there’s busty anime beauties for no discernible reason other than drooling fan service, but underneath it looks like there might actually be a solid tRPG? We shall see.

I’m far from a microtransaction whale, but I don’t mind paying for games, expansion packs, and even the odd cash shop cosmetic. I don’t think I’ll be spending a huge amount of money on FEH, but I’m open to spending a bit now and then, if it turns out to be worthwhile.